We are one of the oldest and largest organic/biodynamic farms in Tennessee, and we could use an extra hand this season. The farm is beautiful and productive, supporting a modest herd of cattle and a small, 150-200 member (as yet to be determined this year) CSA out of Nashville and the surrounding area.

We’re striving towards greater local outreach, and perhaps even establishing a very local CSA in our home county. Whoever comes to work with us needs to be flexible enough to do whatever needs doing, which will include a lot of work and also fun.

The two hundred fifty acres of Long Hungry Creek Farm hold beautiful woodlands and pasture, with the Long Hungry Creek winding its way through the land. We hold conferences about holistic living (alternative healing, music, massage, biodynamic agriculture, and more), and love to be a place of community gathering. Our regular staff is just a small circle of friends who work together. We do not all live on the farm, and it is possible that the intern will be housed at the Heady Ridge intern farmhouse or with friends and farmers.


Treasure, Jeff and Derek

We can offer all you can eat biodynamic food and various free places to sleep. If you have your own transportation, that would be great, but it’s also okay if you don’t. CSA deliveries begin in the last week of May, and we’d love to have an extra set of hands to get the season rolling, so write or call anytime. Our season lasts thirty weeks, usually well into December, but we won’t demand that anyone stay that long. We do feel strongly that there be an understood trial period of two to three weeks in which we make sure everyone can work together before we agree to make longer term plans.



img_0852img_2890On the farm