CSA Benefits

A CSA (community supported agriculture) is a local food program where you receive a weekly delivery of produce fresh off the farm for 8 months out of the year. By supporting the CSA program, small organic farms thrive, and local folks get the freshest food possible.

Our CSA members enjoy:

  1. Biodynamic food, at competitive organic prices, direct from the farm;
  2. More than 50 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers grown here each year;
  3. Sharing vegetables and recipes with friends and neighbors;
  4. Belonging to a community of people who also care about quality produce and supporting local organic agriculture;
  5. And a connection with the farm and farmers who grow your food.

Volunteer Gardener Video of CSA Pickup

Living with the Seasons

Seasonal eating has existed for the bulk of human existence, but is new for most of us, as we are used to being able to get any type of produce year-round in the big grocery chains.

  • May-June — The season begins with bright colors and crisp tastes: lettuce, green onions, parsley, carrots, peas, swiss chard, beets, garlic, summer squashes, and new potatoes.
  • July — It’s too hot for lettuce or peas now, but the diversity increases with green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, melons, flowers, and fresh herbs like sweet basil, dill and oregano, in addition to the other June crops.
  • August — This is the peak diversity of the season! A few crops like cukes, chard, summer squash, and carrots finish their season, but acorn and spaghetti squash, watermelons, peppers, leeks, mustard, and celery embellish the already abundant weekly boxes.
  • Sept-Oct — Cool weather brings tender mustard greens, lettuces, kale, collards, chinese cabbage, bok choy, tat soi, arugula, mizuna, parsley, kohlrlbi, turnips, and daikon radishes. We will be harvesting these hardy veggies through December. Enjoy the last of the tomatoes, melons and other summer crops, and get ready for sweet potatoes!
  • Nov-Dec — Abundant potatoes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and garlic will continue to compliment your greens the remainder of the season. Expect Autumn treats such as gourds and pumpkins or a sprig of mistletoe to keep the season full of love and light.

An Open Invitation
When you support us, our farm is your farm. We encourage you to participate in farm activities: hikes, picnics, swimming, camping and planting potatoes. It’s a beautiful place with un-logged forests and a clear creek winding past bluffs and a cave. Over 100 of the 250 acres are rolling meadows and hay fields which, with our herd of cattle, sustain the fertility of the farm. Biodynamic agriculture is simply the best organic fanning method we’ve found, creating humus-rich soils for quality vegetables unsurpassed in flavor, nutrition and storage life.

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