Letter Writing Campaign

Letter Writing Campaign

Below are the relevant points that should accompany any letter. When you write to Cobb, personalize the letter, make it your own, but please limit your statements to the relevant points, or you risk having your opinion dismissed. Keep it factual, but make it meaningful. You’ll notice a snail mail address, fax number, and an email address.  Choose your preferred method of communication and do your thing.  Please cc your emailed letters to alan@barefootfarmer.com so we have a record of them.  Thank you for your help, and please spread the word!

To the executives of Cobb-Vantress:

We respectfully ask you to not locate chicken houses within 1500 feet of Long Hungry Creek Gardens and Farm, with reasons as follows:

  1. The proposed houses are too close to and will affect the business of Long Hungry Creek Farm and Gardens.
  2. There is ample room to move the houses back another 1000 feet where they will not be as much of a nuisance to the Farm.
  3. This business feeds hundreds of people, including CSA members, those in need, and the community at large. Many people will be negatively impacted and upset if this business is shut down.
  4. This facility will drain directly into the spring that supplies the farm’s drinking water, and the pristine Long Hungry Creek, which has earned special recognition by the state for its “exceptional biodiversity”.
  5. Building your first house in the area in violation of your own 1500 foot requirement does not lay positive groundwork for future operations in Macon county.

On your website you list your company values of Family, Integrity, and Being the Best; you claim to work and communicate with people in the same way you expect others to treat you. To be impartial and respectful. To expect and provide honest communication and interaction at all times. To comply with all laws and regulations. We are asking for nothing more than for you to live up to these values: to respect Jeff Poppen and the Long Hungry Creek Farm and Gardens as the business it is, and to follow your own company guidelines as to the appropriate placement and operation of your houses.

Please direct your letters to:

Jerry Moye – President
Stan Reid – Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Dr. Aldo Rossi – General Manager

By Mail:

PO Box 1030
Siloam Springs, AR

4703 Highway 412 E
Siloam Springs, AR


(479) 524-3166


(479) 524-3043



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