AMM 5145

AMM 5145

AERIAL Long Hungry Creek Farm – 9.29.12
© 2012 photograph by Alan MESSER []

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  1. I am so, so sorry for this. I am angered at the complete lack of respect for your farm, workers, family, and more. I will do my part to spread the word about Tyson and to discourage people from buying any of their products. Again, I am deeply sorry.

  2. I do not buy organic chicken. Even through all the negative things I’ve seen about Tyson I’ve continued to buy their products. This, however, is too much. Just because something is permissable doesn’t make it right. This farm is permitted to put its chicken coops there but it could have, out of respect to the neighboring farmer, put them in another spot of their many acres. Tyson has exercised their right to choose and I will do the same. I will choose to pass by all Tyson products.

  3. This is just straight up evil, no way around it. You can bet that in order to even get the contract with Tyson they had to place the houses there.

    I will not only never purchase anything from Tyson or any of it’s partners, I will spread the word about their abhorrent business practices that prove they don’t care about the average person at all.

  4. I am sadden by this event and the consequences it has had on your farm and family. I will make sure to spread this around, so that people can boycott Tyson’s.

  5. This is very disappointing to hear. I hate that this world is so big, and we can’t share it. I too have put Tyson on my boycott list, and will share on my Facebook pages. I wish the farm even more success, despite the disregard of a person’s admirable livelihood.

  6. When a public figure, such as Tyson, causes friction in a community and makes such down right unpopular and destructive decisions that are disrespectful and unfair… it appears to the larger nation wide community that he is not the BIG man that we thought, but perhaps just a big man that has not considered the bigger picture… popularity only lasts so long. Tyson should move his chicken houses, for the organic nation wide community is more popular and has a BIGGER VOICE.

  7. Dear Jeff, I am so grateful for all that you have done to educate folks on the destructive habits of big Agra- business, but more importantly I am so very appreciative of folks like you who are educating us on what real organic natural food is… and how amazingly beneficial and vital live organic natural food is to our ultimate health and survival. I, for one, stopped eating processed industrialized food like Tyson’s years ago, but now that I am aware of how deeply they have damaged your family, farm and way of life…I will be sharing their blatant disregard for decency with those I know. I think a boycott of all Tyson’s food is an appropriate response. Thanks for standing up to what’s right and fighting the good fight for us all. The real winners are all the people who meet and learn from you about what healthy eating really is.

    Thanks again for all that you do.

  8. agribully!
    what can I do to help?
    I never buy Tyson products but I want to do more. Perhaps I can call Tyson and voice my outrage.
    anybody have other suggestions?

    thank you.

  9. Wow, this is so sad. May I have permission to use your photo in Power Point slides used in workshops that help people get back to real food?

  10. I’m outraged at the actions to Tyson. I will never buy their products again. Such disrespect for a family doing the right thing for themselves & the community. I’m very sorry for the loss of a business. I will spread the word about Tyson & encourage all to boycott their products.

  11. I’m very sorry that such a hateful thing was done, just because they could do it, & get away with it. I also hate to tell you, that if CV is raising broilers, they will be removed every 8-9 weeks, & the houses cleaned out, removing the old litter & rice hulls, & the equipment will be cleaned & disinfected, & new rice hulls will be brought in & spread out. The houses will be empty about a week, before the next chicks are brought in to raise for another 8-9 weeks, before the whole removal process starts again, with removal of the chickens after dark, which is a noisy, all night affair. I know all this, because I live in NW Arkansas, & Tyson’s main offices are about 30 miles south, & there are Tyson & CV growers all over. Cornish hens are left in the houses about 4-5 weeks, to keep them small. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if these 2 houses are just a start. If the operation goes well for CV, they will build more. Greedy, hateful bastards, they are, to do this to you. It’s really a shame they are getting away with it too.

  12. this is a dirty shame. may this act upon the farmer be a death knoll for tyson farmers chickens and this particular tyson farm slave quarters. may these individuals suffer great losses and illnesses in these prison sites and may they reap what they have sewn with great karmic quickness.
    my sincerest prayers go out to the real farmer. may there be a blessing upon his land and protection from on high. may he find great successes and abundance through the stewardship of his lands.
    this is profoundly heartbreaking.

  13. Tyson raises chickens in the dark-gives them antibiotics to speed up growth to the point where the birds get so big so fast, that they can barely walk. watch FOOD INC on NETFLIX. Buy organic! it’s like the normal food we used to buy up until about 20 years ago.

  14. This makes my blood boil. Not only will I boycott Tyson from now on, but I will post this picture along with the story in my workplace and I will show this info to every friend, relative, neighbor and co-worker. What “judge” could ever side with such a vindictive, vicious and utterly dispicable bully such as Tyson.

  15. Erin called them “Agribullys.” How fitting! I haven’t knowingly eaten a Tyson product since my brother told me what it was like to work in one of their processing facilities… the bleach fumes, the filthy slime, the assembly line killing of thousands of birds a day. NOPE, not for me.

    Simply disgusting and underhanded Tyson!

  16. What a hateful company, forcing their toxic waste on a neighbor. This type of food production is not fit to eat but there are thousands that consume their crap on a daily basis. Hopefully Long Hungry Creek Farm will survive this mess, organic food tastes so much better than the chemical crap being sold in most of the large grocery chains. I am from Canada and not sure if Tyson markets any of their junk here but I will avoid it at all cost and am also sending this to everyone I know.

  17. Too bad the cost of a lawsuit would be prohibitive, not to mention Tyson and it’s subsidiaries probably have more than one politician in bed with them.
    I’d like to shake trees, and see who falls out.
    This is typical heavy-handedness on the part of outfits like this who think their shit doesn’t stink. And, this two erodes and decays more of our pristine wilderness areas for the sake of profit.
    I’ll bet that there are more than a few environmental activist groups that would love to take this on.

  18. One very large truth it appears is being overlooked here is that— if Tyson is so callous and careless about people , as they have just proven by an unnecessarily arrogant business move , then HOW can anybody believe that Tyson would care about their customers safety or the animals they slaughter in ALL of their business practices that deals with the consumption of food and people in general ? I for one will never trust this company to prepare a morsel of food for my comsumption ever again and, I highly urge all to never buy anything from Tysons ever again !

    1. I agree with Ben’s comments. I cannot trust a business that would be so malicious and callous. It looks as if Tyson’s goal was to put Jeff out of business. It is an attack on all people trying to stay healthy. I wish we (people who believe in organic farming) could have bought the land instead of Tyson. It would have been nice for Jeff to have gotten the property instead of Tyson.

  19. This is just blatant disregard and disrespect for people. It truly disgusts me that somewhere along the line, we have given our power and rights to corporations. Now is the time to take this power back from them and fight against this sort of tyranny.

  20. So sad. I will support Mr. Poppen in the best way I know of. Our family will not puchase Tyson products. I will spread the word about Tyson. It is really a transgression against an established operation that Mr. Poppen has. We need to support him.

  21. This a case of David fights Goliath, in the long run Goliath (Tyson) will fall. As they say the bigger they are the harder they’ll fall. To Jeff, I’m glad you stood up to what’s right for the benefit of others along with your family. I sure hope you success for doing what’s right. Big corporations like Tyson rely on small business like Jeff’s and mine. To those who support Jeff and his family, boycott, boycott, boycott! Don’t buy ANY TYSON products, especially from Wal-Mart, Safeway, H.E.B. and other big chain supermarkets. When any one of these big chain supermarkets call them for lack of sales of their products, Tyson’s tune will be changing just as quickly. Like the saying goes “where there’s unity, there’s power!” so therefore. WE ALL HAVE TO BE IN THIS TOGETHER TO BOYCOTT TYSON. Instead buy from Long Hungry Creek Farms’ distributors. That will spit in Tyson’s face they so deserve.

  22. The best thing that we ALL can do is post to FACEBOOK and stick together! We can’t just throw up our hands and quit. This information MUST get out to stop the NEXT time or to help any other farmer that comes under attack like this…Bless the Barefoot Farmer and his family! They are lightworkers and will continue with their work where necessary! Namaste

  23. Shame on Tyson! This will blow up in they’re face! Mr. Poppen you do great things for the people and Tyson has no regard for anyone or the land. GOD BLESS YOU!

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