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Best of the Barefoot Farmer Vol. II 

Tennessee’s well-known barefoot gardener invites you to his Long Hungry Creek Farm to learn, live and laugh through these weekly chronicles. Jeff Poppen’s enthusiasm for local food stems from 35 years of organic farming.

Modern methods and old-time wisdom merge in this informative, yet highly readable book. Let him inspire you to grow your own food.

Vol.II Table of Contents

Why We Need Farms


Bell’s Bend

Jeff’s first book, The Best of the Barefoot Farmer Vol. I, is a compilation of his articles first published in the Macon County Chronicle and is influenced by countless years of organic and biodynamic farming.  Rudolph Steiner said, “I have always found what farmers and peasants thought about things much more intelligent than what scientists thought.”

Harvey C. Lisle comments, “As you read the pages of this book you can picture yourself on a farm teeming with life. The farm, the experiences related to the farm and the food produced on the farm will all bring pleasures most people are not privileged to have. It is still true that it is the land which sustains us and Jeff deals with this subject beautifully.”

Coree White Entwistle comments, “The Barefoot Farmer takes each reader on a tour of the farm, its seasons, its work, and its wonderful produce (including a few home-style recipes). Charming drawings of important biodynamic herbs open each chapter, and most essays are accented with more original artwork (by Linda Johnson) , drawn from the Long Hungry Creek Farm. Read it cover to cover, use it as a garden inspiration and reference, or just open it at random to get a taste of Tennessee homestead goodness, wherever you are.”

Vol. I Table of Contents

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